District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committees (DISHAs) have been formed to ensure better coordination among all the elected representatives in Parliament, State Legislatures and Local Governments (Panchayati Raj Institutions/Municipal Bodies) for efficient and time-bound development. It is a government wide initiative that seeks to promote participative governance and deliberative democracy.
DISHA seeks to achieve this by facilitating a quarterly review of all development activity at the district level. The Chairperson of a DISHA committee is the senior most Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) elected from the district and nominated by the Ministry of Rural Development. DISHA committee meetings will be held on a quarterly basis, under the chairmanship of the MP, and will be attended by all elected representatives and officials from the district.
The DISHA committees will have powers to seek information and demand effective follow up on issues raised during the deliberations at the DISHA meetings. The District Collector is the Member Secretary responsible for convening the meeting and ensuring effective and timely follow up.